Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lego Star Wars JEK-14 concept art

Wow, I am so excited to post this particular image. Over a year ago, I was tasked by Lego to develop an original Lego Star Wars character and Jek-14 was the result (they even kept the original name - Jek-14). This image was the splash image I created for people at Lego to get the go ahead from the higher-ups. The dude sneaking in the back is an old idea that was passed around but the concept has evolved into something different (that which I cannot share with you at this time).

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for more posts involving Jek-14!

Below is a link to the actual character that was unveiled at Toyfare --> Toyfare Lego Star Wars Jek14 unveiling

Jek-14 is property of Lego.

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  1. Lego and Star Wars are my son's two favorite things. Great concept art, I love it. We love it!